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Tina almost had a heart attack when she found out the big news

Tina almost had a heart attack when she found out the big news

He hadn’t had any surprises lately Emilio His wife, To Tina. Her mother-in-law was waiting for her husband at home when she prepared her home with a huge box.

“It’s a big surprise to everyone, it’s a great gift To Tina. I know he’s been longing for her, and he’s been wanting her for a very, very long time. Tina At first I thought I was just joking and there was something completely different in the box than he was telling me. Of course, he didn’t have to be disappointed, he finally got his hands on JessetteSaid Emilio, who surprised his wife with the robotic vacuum cleaner he had been craving for months.

I almost had a heart attack when I saw the box. At the same time, I had a slight fear that he wasn’t even hiding what he was suggesting. I’ve seen a lot of hilarious tricks on the net before, Emilio Payne I was looking forward to a little harassment. Tina said with a laugh, who was relieved when it turned out that the box was indeed hiding the long-awaited cleaning tool.

Photo: SlágerTV

I am committed to Emilio until 2150, I cannot tell you how happy I am! I really longed for this vacuum cleaner, I always dreamed of it, but the fact that I got it … I can’t find the words! Beautiful, cool, best husband in the world Emil, but now Gizike will be my loyal companion, you can catch a bird with me! “ Tina, almost crying in delight, was overwhelmed.

Her husband got it on the occasion, so when Tina He asked as he could thank him Emilio His attention also produced with his great old desire.

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I still really want another baby to hold my name. Of course, this is my desire independent of the broom. I gave Tina three days to reflect, although I know she’s not very passionate about the topicHe said Emilio on My Dear Family on SlagerTV.

Photo: SlágerTV

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