Time spent on scientific research is never wasted

The essence of the Student Science Conference is for students to do their best and compete with themselves to do everything they can to be. Today is better than before, make yesterday and tomorrow better than today.

Addressing the students, the Rector said: It gives me great pleasure to see so many talented and hard-working young people, and whoever sits here today has a much better chance of becoming a university professor. He pointed out that the training provides the basis for the development of the university’s human resources, i.e. the cradle of the students’ scientific body, where they will become future doctoral students, lecturers or professors.

He stressed that medicine and health sciences are professions that last a lifetime, as the body of knowledge develops in an extraordinary way every year, so the development of this specialty is inconceivable without lifelong learning.

He added: Students attending the OTDK also stand out because they are not only at the forefront of acquiring this knowledge, but also actively contributing to it themselves. “You, that is, talents, represent the new hope of science, those who take on new challenges and tasks and have the necessary perseverance and humility,” said Bella Merkley.

Recalling his previous activities in the student-scientific circle, the rector made it clear that he considered it one of his most “noble” tasks to nurture talents and “infect” as many people as possible with a love of science.

The Director of the Cardiovascular Clinic at SE Városmajor said that during its more than 250-year history, the university has always been at the forefront of managing talent and scientific research and ensuring that the knowledge gained here is utilized as much as possible at the bedside.

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They also consider it important to show the way to the next generation, the opportunity should be given to those who have the talent, diligence and perseverance – explained Bella Merkley.

Attila Szijjarto, President of the Academic Student Council, Chief Executive Officer of the Department, Director of the SE Surgical Clinic, Transplantation and Gastroenterology, spoke about the mission of tdk’s work in encouraging and embracing enthusiastic young students, introducing them to the basic tricks of research. The knowledge in this direction acquired during the university years is indispensable for the “accumulation of knowledge” at a later date.

He stated that 553 lectures will be presented in 69 departments of the OTDK Medical and Health Sciences Department. Semmelweis University hosts the session program between April 18th and 21st, more than six hundred students from eleven institutions will come, 178 students from the Budapest Medical Faculty have registered for the OTDK.

László Mátyus, Vice President and Section Head of the National Council of Science Students (OTDT), spoke about how TDK is a Hungarian school, the highest form of talent development, where supervisors impart mastery of science to students.
The jury was asked to reward those who added the most value to each work in each category. “The only aspect (assessment) can only be who is the best student,” he stressed.



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