Tim Gabor was at the top of the league table

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Tuesday, May 25, 2021 9:37 PM

After his first weekend in Hungaroring in Hungary, Tim Gábor came second in the tournament to the Red Bull Ring in Austria, where the second round of this year’s Swift Cup Europe was held. The field continued to grow into its second weekend, with nearly thirty cars waiting for the riders. Six-time champion Tim took the podium in both races and leads the championship.

The weekend program in Austria was crowded with two-day training, time trial and race courses. Although Tim led the qualifiers for a long time, in the end he was ahead of many so he only finished eighth.

“We didn’t do well, we expected the rain to improve, and we finished a full preparation for the rain. It was good at first, but the rain calmed down and stopped, so we shot ourselves at our feet. The best and they were straight ahead of us. I’m so sorry that it was possible that it was possible.” To be the first place and the point that came with it. ” Tim lamented the delay.

Rainfall was also expected in the two races on Saturday, but the downpour avoided the stadium all the way when the league field was on the pitch. Tim started eighth in the first race and was able to move forward at the expense of a big fight, finishing second at the end, but he still stands on the podium as the winner of the international ranking.

“More and more junior drivers (under 16 years old) are starting the tournament, which is very good. Even though they couldn’t get points in the FIA ​​Championship rating, they still had to fight with them on the ring. Attila Boxi, both very skilled novice driver, Michelish Nurbey, in M1RA colors, I had a hard time crushing Jirjoo, his car was very fast in the straight road, it was hard to squeeze, Attila Boxi had a huge advantage through after that, I couldn’t Catch up, so I quit chase, and I didn’t want to use tires better, so even if I didn’t, but in terms of league, I won the first race and got the top spot in the league “Tim summed up the events of the first race.

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For the second Saturday race, the starting net switched and Tim was able to kick him out of the race’s seventh place. However, he was at a disadvantage at first, and then the safety car headed into the track and fell somewhere else. By the second half of the race, he was already driving third and waving there too. The FIA ​​closed the evaluation in second place.

“The start went well, but I couldn’t turn into a trilogy, two of them passed by my side. Then they waved the yellow flag and the SC board. I was surprised to find that more people were ahead, and even some were at the finish line. Collided. I was just watching like a movie, as if I could only see the yellow flags. They also passed during the safety car section, which shocked me, but I was sure this would be punished. This didn’t happen, I fought for third place with Jeroo Baldi in the second half of the race, but his car was also dirty quickly in a row, and I couldn’t attack. Third place is good, especially as it was second in the league, ”Tim finished the second race.

After the second round of the championship, the field surpassed five races, Tim Gábor took the podium in each race and already leads the championship with a 16-point advantage.

“It’s good that we already have such an advantage, but I’m a little worried about what I’ve seen in Hungary and the Red Bull Circuit. Our pace is not good enough on the straight road. I can’t even get close to some cars even in the wind. Either others have hit To something or we have a problem with our settings. These turbocharged cars are hard to drive well to get the best acceleration. We still have to work on this because fast lanes are coming, Salzburgring and then Slovakiaring. ” Tim closed the weekend.

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The FIA ​​Swift European Cup will run from June 11-13 in Salzburg, Austria.

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