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TikTok has been banned in the Slovak Parliament

TikTok has been banned in the Slovak Parliament

March 24, 2023 – 7:22 PM

TikTok is no longer available on the intranet of the Slovak Parliament, as the registrar has banned employees from using it, Our sun writes. Daniel Jospin In his letter to the representatives It also recommends not to use TikTok.

The decision came, citing the findings of the security services, as it said that TikTok “poses a great danger in the field of cybersecurity and electronic espionage.”

According to the letter, TikTok collects a lot of information. “The amount, type, and method of data collection does not comply with the basic definition of an application as a social network, and could be used for a cyberattack against specific people or their communications and equipment” – is in the message.

Due to security concerns, the CEO of TikTok was questioned in the US Congress, and several committee members asked about ByteDance and its leaders, because according to lawmakers, the leaders are linked to the Chinese Communist Party. Due to concerns about Chinese influence, a TikTok representative promised to move all US user data to local servers, so that the US Oracle could inspect and monitor TikTok’s source code.

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