TikTok has also been banned in the UK

After a similar decision was taken in the USA, Canada, Belgium and the European Commission, the use of TikTok on the government machine was also banned in the United Kingdom. The decision is based on security reasons, and the ban will take effect immediately.

The Cabinet Office minister, Oliver Dowden, said on the matter:

Security of sensitive government information should be a priority, so we are blocking this app on government devices from now on. We also keep other apps that collect data under constant review.

Based on the statement, it is clear that the TikTok ban is only the beginning, and even other apps may face the same fate.

Regarding TikTok, user data is known to be collected outside of the app, and this is a cause for concern for many Western countries.

Of course, the ban only applies to government devices used at work that contain sensitive information, and office workers can still do whatever they want on their personal smartphones, and they can also install TikTok on them.

A spokesperson for the video platform said they are trying to work with the British government because they believe the ban is based on a misconception that has broader geopolitical origins. According to them, neither British users nor TikTok have any role in this.

source: GSMArena

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