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Tibor Pinter arrived at the ring on horseback and immediately knocked out Akos Dobrady

Tibor Pinter arrived at the ring on horseback and immediately knocked out Akos Dobrady

The match lasted only one and a half rounds.

the star box For the first time in his third quarter-final Tibor Pinter And Akos Dobrady compete. The 49-year-old actor surprised everyone by arriving at the ring on horseback.

Tibor Pinter rode into the turnbuckle – Photography: Attila Trinca

The TNT musician defended well at the start of the match, while Tibor Pintier also ran out of breath, but not to the point where he was unable to land two powerful blows that forced Doprady to rely on him.

In the second round, another countdown followed, during which the singer could not decide whether he wanted to continue the match, so the referee ended the match out of concern for the musician’s health, and Tibor Pinter reached the semi-finals.

It was a very difficult match, by the way, Ákos hit some hard shots at the beginning, and I had to bring out all the hidden reserves. This is all bloody hard. It’s a very important thing: we’re actors, singers, entertainers if you like, not boxers, but I learned something as an actor on horseback: the swords, the armor, the choreography came out of me, and it was just me here. That’s why it was worth it“- Tibor Pinter declared after the victory.

His coach had faith in his raw power and right hand, but you could also see that he was tiring quickly in the ring.

after the match Akos Dobrady praised Tenia’s strength And his fitness, but according to him, it wasn’t too bad, he even fell asleep counting because he was thinking about what to do in the next round. “We knew I was going to step into the ring today with a serious opponent. You need sharp matching procedures to learn how to deal with this. (…) I’m fine, I fell asleep a little while counting, because my mind was on how to avoid the next huge blow with the power of the buffalo. I thought about it a little. (…) I got big cars, but they wouldn’t turn off the lights. I became comfortable with counting. This is also the lack of a match routine. I will return next year if possible“I declare.

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