December 23rd is longer The interview has been published Gabor Fischerral, Director of TV2 Group Programming at Index, where several announcements have been made regarding their programming for 2024. He said that there will be a new season next year as well Asia Express On TV2. The mobile reality show is moving from America to Asia, in the fifth season of production, and the stars will compete in the Philippines and Taiwan. Interestingly, in 2020, the Asia Epxress season, which was canceled due to the coronavirus, could have gone down this route as well.

In October, news broke that after 20 years, the reality show, which was shown on RTL Klub, would return to TV2. seduction. Gabor Fischer also told the newspaper that the host of the production, Tibor Kasza, will be Szerencsekerek's host. The large-scale reality show will be filmed in an exotic country, Thailand.

In April last year, the TV company revealed that the Hungarian version of US competition game Password would also be produced in Hungary. In an interview with Index, the show's emcee announced that Ramona Lekay Kiss will be hosting the game show. The Hungarian title of the production is password it will be


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