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Thyssenkrupp is relocating and hiring 100 new employees in Budapest

Thyssenkrupp is relocating and hiring 100 new employees in Budapest

The company told MTI that Thyssenkrupp’s auto development center in Budapest is moving to a new location, where hundreds of employees are expected to be hired next year.

Due to continuous expansion, the development center will move to South Buda Business Park in the 11th district, to a long-term leasable office of 16,000 square meters that can be expanded to meet future needs. The new location will provide the company with nearly 30 percent more plant and offices than the current location. This step will take place in several stages and will take several months.

A worker at the Thyssenkrupp plant in Jászfényszaru. Clarification. (Photo: MTI / Szilárd Koszticsák)

The E / E Automotive Efficiency Center (Electrical and Electronic) was established 20 years ago by thyssenkrupp and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics to implement a Hungarian idea.

During development, “smart” electromechanical steering servo was developed, which is more reliable than conventional machines, consumes less energy and is suitable for working with a variety of driving support or self-steering systems. Additionally, new applications are being developed, such as wire-guided steering (a solution that provides only electronic connection rather than mechanical connections) or internal systems.

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In addition to the E / E efficiency center, the company also manufactures and assembles in Hungary: in Jászfényszarun they manufacture electromechanical routers and camshafts integrated into the cylinder head, in Debrecen they manufacture stabilizers and springs. A chassis assembly plant and steel service center will also be put into operation in Gyr, and this year the construction of the engine parts plant in Pécs, which will be established with new investments of about 17 billion HUF, will begin.

Thyssenkrupp is one of the most intensive industrial and technical investors in Hungary. Its sales revenue in the business year from October 2017 to September 30 last year was 40 billion HUF, and in the previous year it was 31.8 billion HUF. It is noteworthy that the number of employees exceeded a thousand in 2018, and 693 workers were employed in the previous year.

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