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Thus, afforestation can lead to increased precipitation in summer

Thus, afforestation can lead to increased precipitation in summer

According to a recently published study, converting farmland to forest may be one of the best ways to increase rainfall and offset some of the effects of climate change. As noted by scientists, in addition to temperature, the availability of water is one of the most important climatic factors.

“Extra” rain is especially important in summer

Based on realistic computer models, the study authors concluded that a “realistic reforestation scenario” would suffice.

Summer precipitation should increase by 7.6 percent annually in Europe.

All this is based on the idea that 20 percent of the available land will be converted based on satellite mapping techniques, and that the “extra” rain will fall not only on the forests themselves but also in the direction of the winds. This is especially important during the summer months.

Therefore, it will be necessary to plant as many trees as possibleSource: Pexels

Our results indicate that afforestation may lead to significant changes in precipitation in Europe Researchers write natural earth sciences In their study published in a scientific journal. The good news also carries a caveat: Winter rainfall may increase in intensity across the continent if these specific areas are forested.

Experts say this should be carefully considered in the future. Although science has shown time and time again that there is usually more rain in forested areas, The mechanisms for this have not been fully explained.

In this study, the team hypothesized that forests with increased surface roughness relative to agricultural land also have an effect on air turbulence, causing air masses to slow precipitation and stay in place.

So landscaping is always a good idea

Forest areas, according to the study, lead to areas that are warmer in winter and areas that are cooler in summer.
This may explain the seasonal cycle of local phenomena we observed, in which rising temperatures at the Earth’s surface destabilize the planet’s boundary layer, thus enhancing precipitation – . said Ronnie Meyer, ecologist at Swiss ETH ScienceAlert Online science portal. What we know about planting trees could help reduce Europe’s drier summer temperatures in the coming years as the globe warms.

Afforestation could increase summer precipitation by 7.6% across EuropeSource: Pinterest

He added that the most serious sign of projected climate change in relation to precipitation is the reduced summer precipitation expected in southern parts of Europe, such as the Mediterranean. According to the study, afforestation will increase rainfall here as well, which will be very beneficial in terms of adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change.Although the research leaves some questions unanswered and the results are based on estimates from model data, the study’s authors point to important clues about how land-use change affects the climate in the long term.

In their words, planting trees is always a good idea: they trap carbon dioxide, increase biodiversity, and also provide protection for the soil.

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