Through a billboard, Samsung explained what the new 200MP camera can offer

Through a billboard, Samsung explained what the new 200MP camera can offer

Samsung unveiled the ISCOCELL HP1 200MP camera sensor last September, but we haven’t yet seen a device with that high-resolution sensor. However, the first phone with a new camera may arrive soon, and Samsung has just released a video showing its capabilities.

Although Samsung developed and built the sensor, the first 200MP camera said it would most likely be the Motorola phone that will debut in July. Of course, this is even Samsung’s advantage, and they are proud of it, so they recently made an interesting offer.

A cat image was captured using a 200MP ISOCELL HP1 sensor (in special conditions) and then a 28 x 22 meter (!) billboard was made using the image. The whole process is shown in a short video:

Of course, all this is just amateurs, the smartphone is clearly not suitable for professional photography due to its size, and it can contain any number of megapixel sensors. In addition, 200MP cell phones will merge pixels by default, allowing them to take 12.5MP photos by default (16 merge 16) or 50 MP photos (4 merge).

It would also be possible to take advantage of full resolution, but this could lead to a poorer end result in many ways, as many important image optimization functions are not available for such sensors. So there would be no real point of taking 200MP photos.

via GSMArena

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