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Thriller about usurpation: This movie is available in 77 countries on Netflix

Thriller about usurpation: This movie is available in 77 countries on Netflix

For weekend cinema, we wholeheartedly recommend one of Netflix’s new releases, which recently hit the charts – Faithfully Yours.

Although from Loyal Girlfriends on IMDb his teachers They’re not much there and back, the excitement seems to have caught on with the Netflix audience, technically all over the world. This kind of success is very rare from a European, especially Dutch, creativity:

With the original title Faithfully Yours, it quickly became one of the platform’s most watched content in 77 countries

mentioned Mafab. One of the most interesting contemporary Dutch directors, André van Duren, has taken up a good subject: he is working on the story of two girlfriends who lead perfect lives, with perfect daily lives and a relationship or family, but at the same time you can say everything about them, except that they are perfect friends.

Source: Netflix

Apparently, Bodil and Isabel have developed a strategy for debauchery: They claim to their families that they spend weekends together on a regular basis — this, too, is well verified by creative scheming on social media — but in the meantime they practically cover each other up in infidelity. Both of them are in a secret affair, hiding under the cover of fake girl shows, which goes well in front of their gullible husbands, until Isabelle unexpectedly disappears.

How to protect the accumulated secrets and find out what happened to the woman at the same time? It promises to be exciting.

The movie can be watched concurrently on Netflix, here is the trailer, for which we apologize for the audio quality rather than the publisher, but the audio mixing is clearly not too bad when watching while streaming:

There’ll be plenty to watch next month, too:

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