Three years later, a new improved version of the classic .NET appeared

Three years later, a new improved version of the classic .NET appeared

Microsoft this week – after a gap of nearly three years – a new and improved version export The .NET framework can now be called the classic version, from its Windows version. The .NET Framework 4.8.1 comes with all-new hardware platform support, as well as minor – but significant for many of the more significant – improvements to the user interface.

The first is none other than Arm64, as the .NET Framework and applications running on it can now run natively, without emulation. Although the latter could have been run on machines with such chips, it was actually done in an x86 emulation environment, which significantly slowed down the runtime.

Another novelty is that Microsoft has modified the WPF and WinForms interfaces so that the tooltips that appear on them – usually providing tips and information about usage – comply with the WCAG2.1 recommendation. The latter describes and describes how to implement certain elements and behavior patterns in user interfaces so that they can be used easily and well by people using auxiliary functions (limited in their movement or vision).

In the case of WinForm, the latest development will only appear if .NET Framework applications run on Windows 11, however, WPF programs will be able to ensure the new operation is easy to use on all supported systems. At the same time, WinForms has also received three additional improvements that address issues with contrast, readability, and handling of data grids.

More details about the new .NET Framework 4.8.1 and what’s new In the release notes can be read.

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