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Three Vaccines Offer the Best Protection Against COVID-19, Whichever Doesn’t Matter

Three Vaccines Offer the Best Protection Against COVID-19, Whichever Doesn't Matter

The number of doses, not the combination of the vaccine, is the key to boosting immunity against coronavirus infection, according to guardian wrote an article.

Analysis shows that three doses of the same coronavirus infection vaccine or combination of vaccines also work to prevent infection.There have been several studies in the past on the effectiveness of each coronavirus vaccine, but there have been no clear results on vaccine combinations, especially in the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.

Researchers at the University of Hong Kong, China (CUHK) were searching the World Health Organization’s database of 38 Covid-19 studies and articles as of March 8, 2022 on a weekly basis. Finally, 53 studies involving hundreds of millions of people and including 24 vaccine groups were analyzed. Based on this, they wrote their study published in the journal BMJ.

Taking into account differences in the quality of the studies analyzed, CUHK researchers found that three doses of any mRNA vaccine appeared to be the most effective (96%) against any non-serious MERS infection, while three doses of any mRNA vaccine appeared to be effective. . Most effective (95%) is the need for hospitalization for Covid-19.

The analysis also showed that any three-dose treatment, whether heterogeneous or homologous, i.e. three different doses or the same brand of vaccine, produced higher immunity in all age groups, even those over 65 years of age, than two doses. homogeneous treatment. The study found that a third dose of the mRNA booster given as part of a heterogeneous or homologous treatment of immunocompromised patients significantly improved protection compared to the two doses. However, the effectiveness of the three-dose vaccine series in terms of deaths associated with Covid-19 remains uncertain.

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The researchers stressed that “the mRNA booster vaccine is recommended to complement any two-dose vaccine. The heterogeneous and homogeneous three-dose vaccine series works relatively well in preventing MERS-CoV infection, even against different variants.” (MTI)

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