Three meteorologists died while chasing a tornado

Three US meteorological students die during hurricane write build. The youth found it a good opportunity to witness the massive storm up close.

like about it As Origo mentioned earliera giant tornado destroyed on Friday in Kansas. The tornado cut down trees and damaged roofs and cars.

Meteorological students Nicholas Nair (20), Gavin Short (19) and Drake Brooks (22) traveled 400 kilometers to see it up close. They even sent a group selfie from their car to their friends at the University of Oklahoma to be prepared for the storm.

The three young men were cautious, observing the storm from a safe distance.

But on the way back, their car skidded on the wet road and crashed into a truck. None of them survived.

The tornado that sweeps through Kansas is one of the most terrifying in recent state history, as shown in several videos of the brutal force of the storm sweeping through the small town of Andover.

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