Three EU member states could lift Russia's energy embargo - Hungary too

Three EU member states could lift Russia’s energy embargo – Hungary too

German According to Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen Three EU countries also lifted their veto power over the sixth EU sanctions package, which includes a Russian embargo on oil and gas. One of them is Hungary, but the change in the communications of the Hungarian government has not been felt here in Hungary yet – write index.

According to the newspaper, the other two countries that no longer use the veto are Austria and Slovakia.

According to a senior EU diplomat who spoke to ZDF, the deciding factor was that the German government announced its support for an oil embargo on Russia. Florian Neuhan, a ZDF correspondent in Brussels, says the ban will be decided in the coming days, but the debate about it will not end until the coming months.

The newspaper quotes the last speech of the Prime Minister, Gergeli Golias (Radio Kossuth, Sunday morning), in which he stated that it is still in Hungary’s interest that the European Union not adopt a penalty that makes importing Russian oil and gas impossible. Otherwise, he added, Hungary would have to buy these raw materials much more expensive, without which general cuts, heating and the functioning of the economy would not be possible.

EU member states may decide on another package of sanctions, now a sixth, thus banning Russian oil imports. The ambassadors will discuss the issue starting Wednesday, and a decision could be made by the end of the week.

Opening photo: MTI / EPA / Dumitru Doru

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