Three died in an ice bus accident in Canada

Three died in an ice bus accident in Canada

An ambulance helicopter took the seriously wounded to hospital.

Three people were killed and several others seriously injured when an ice bus skidded off and appeared in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada.

Canadian public service television CBC reported that the large-wheeled private vehicle, designed to ride glaciers, came on Saturday afternoon near the Columbia Glacier in Jasper National Park in Alberta for unknown reasons.

In photographs taken by eyewitnesses and posted on community gates, the car is parked up and down on a slope between the rocks. MTI wrote that the wrecked vehicle belonged to Pursuit, which takes tourists on off-road vehicles to Athabasca Glacier.

The Federal Police said that three of the 27 passengers on the bus died, and the exact number of serious injuries is unknown, but many were taken by ambulance helicopter to various hospitals in Alberta. The accident happened in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Western Canada.

Featured image: 4-wheel drive tourist bus on the Columbia Glacier. Photo by Arterra / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

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