Afghanistan threatens severe food shortage 24 hours

Thousands trying to reach Kabul airport

Six days after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, thousands more are still desperately trying to enter Kabul International Airport on Saturday to flee the country.

An eyewitness to the German news agency immediately said that the sounds of gunshots are still regularly heard outside the heavily guarded airport gates.

After the Taliban invaded the capital on Sunday, the Afghan government collapsed and President Ashraf Ghani fled the country, leaving the Kabul airport the only place controlled by foreign soldiers.

Thousands of Afghans who have worked with foreign forces in some way over the past 20 years or who have worked in support of human rights now fear for their lives and are desperately trying to enter or transfer their families to Kabul airport.

The airport gates are controlled by US soldiers and the gates open irregularly and only at short intervals. An eyewitness said in his testimony to the German News Agency (dpa) that at the northern entrance to the airport, it was announced several times by loudspeakers that the entrance would remain closed for the next two days.

Another eyewitness spoke of the great diversity of the impatient crowd gathered at the airport: among the many people there are actors, celebrities known on television, women with newborns, young men, and wheelchairs.

The Taliban have vowed not to launch a retaliatory campaign against those who have helped foreign forces in some way in recent years. However, according to a United Nations report, a manhunt has already begun in the countryside for those who think otherwise.

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