Thousands of spiders invaded the home of an Australian family

They fled the devastating floods around Sydney.

The worst floods in sixty years devastated New South Wales, Australia, with 18,000 people so far evacuated from the affected areas. But it’s not just people who have been forced to flee rising waters because they live in McPhail Melanie Williams Also experienced when spiders invade his family’s home.

The woman is the ABC of Australian TV She said:

As the water rose, I saw the mailbox disappearing more and more, then I noticed this little black thing and thought, sir, these are spiders. Then I looked at the neighbor’s wall and they were almost having a heart attack. They were literally in the thousands.

Williams Guardian Australia he addedThat despite the “horror” at the number of spiders next to their house, his neighbor told him he was looking for poor shelter inside the garage.

Professor of Ecology at the University of Sydney, Dieter Hushuli The scene marked ABC as “cool,” indicating that these animals had lived there invisibly the whole time, and now they do the same thing as humans. They escape from the water to higher places.

The situation was similar at nearby Kinchela Creek, where Lovinfoss diedHe was also received by an army of spiders when he went to his home to assess the damage.

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