Thousands molested a woman with a phone number in Netflix's latest star series

Thousands molested a woman with a phone number in Netflix’s latest star series

The South Korean woman, whose phone number appears in a hugely popular new series on Netflix, Squid Game, has received thousands of annoying phone calls. In a series in which players compete against each other for a large amount of reward in a series of deadly games, players must advance over the phone. However, the number that appeared in the chain was actually an existing mobile phone number, which is the mobile phone number of a Seongju businesswoman.

A scene from the Squid Game on a mobile phone screen.

Photo: ROMAIN LONGIERAS/Hans Lucas via AFP

I’ve received thousands of SMS and calls since the series started. In such quantities that he claims to impede his normal existence. “I’ve been using this number for over ten years, which is understandable if I’m a little upset. I’ve already had to delete over four thousand numbers from my phone.” Money said today to a Korean newspaper.

The businesswoman did not understand why she was called by Alef at first, until a friend drew her attention to the fact that her number is in the series.

According to the Korean press, the woman tried to compensate her with 5 million won (~1.3 million Ft), but she refused the offer. Netflix did not want to comment on the latest statement, but has asked fans of the series not to call the number. “We are working with the manufacturer to resolve the issue, and as part of it we will cut scenes from the series as needed.

Launched on September 17, the series became the most watched series on Netflix in ninety countries around the world within ten days. (via BBC)

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