Thousands bid farewell to the British Royal Navy Commander ship bound for the Far East

The new flagship of the British Royal Navy, the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, is scheduled to head to the Far East for military exercises and first operational deployment. Thousands bade farewell to the battleship Big Lizzie in Portsmouth.

Source: Agence France Press / Adrian Denis

The ship, worth 3 billion pounds, or more than 1,200 billion pounds, set sail from the port of Portsmouth in Hampshire, with a crew of about. It will be in the water for seven months. A small squadron escorted the ship into the harbor.

In addition to the 65-million-ton tanker, two destroyers and a frigate set sail on Saturday.

Before heading to the Pacific Ocean, it undergoes large-scale military training in Scotland with the participation of 1,500 ground soldiers. Australia, in addition to the United States of America, Denmark, France, Germany, Latvia, Norway and Poland, is joining the exercise, which focuses on crisis and conflict situations.

Source: Agence France Press / Adrian Denis

Queen Elizabeth and other boats will visit India, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. During deployment, the crew will cover 25,000 nautical miles.

Source: Agence France Press / Adrian Denis

In 2019, China warned the British that it viewed it as an anti-sailing move near it. So the Royal Navy units avoid the Taiwan Strait during the final stages of their journey in order not to provoke China, daily Mail.

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