Thousands are asking not to make the world's richest man come back after shooting himself in space

Thousands are asking not to make the world’s richest man come back after shooting himself in space

No less petition was launched for the founder of Amazon, Jeff BezosWho, by the way, is not the richest man in the world, does not return after shooting himself in outer space.

Bezos announced on Instagram on June 7 that he will embark on a big ride next month with his brother Mark on his self-built Blue Origin rocket.

I’ve been dreaming of going into space since I was five years old. On July 20, I will be doing this trip with my brother. Best adventure with my best friend

wrote in the publication.

However, some people think differently about returning: in the days after the announcement, two petitions were launched online to prevent Bezos from even considering the return trip, which together have been signed by more than 60,000 people.

A Available According to the description of the set of signatures called “Do not allow Jeff Bezos to return to Earth,” billionaires should never exist, either on Earth or in space, and in the latter case, they should stay there. The petition to “Petition Not to Allow Jeff Bezos to Return to Earth” is wicked in every sense of the word Nevis Bezos whose goal is world domination.

Bezos recently announced that he will resign as Amazon CEO and continue as CEO. He justified this by saying he wanted to do more with the space company Blue Origin.

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