Those who download the Super Mario Bros. Trojans get a gift

Many people may have fallen for the Trojan horse virus that is distributed along with the pirated copy of the Super Mario Bros. movie.

Torrenting games, series, and movies is not a good thing for many reasons, but it is probably the most dangerous thing to avoid. Such illegally posted public content can also hide a lot of ugly things, which the average user is not sure they can identify or filter effectively.

Attackers like malicious virus packages that usually steal confidential and sensitive data in currently popular content, and then attempt to disseminate it widely, most likely on hacking websites. This is exactly what happened to Nintendo’s highly successful Super Mario Bros game adaptation, which was accompanied by illegal copies of the Trojan horse virus as a gift.

Of course, experts can immediately figure out where the ugliness is, because the Mario movie also comes with a file with the .exe extension. , which is “hidden” behind the names supermariobrosmoviehd.exe and thesupermariobrosmoviecam.exe. These may be suspicious at first, because .exe. It is not a video file, so anyone who tries to run one of them will also install the malware with that momentum.

the ReasonLabs Experts say this is a Trojan that can hijack your browser, replace its core DLL files, change its settings, and covertly install almost any extension. Their goal is usually to steal victims’ data, but it is also not uncommon to display ads while surfing the Internet, for which attackers earn money directly from it.

Of course, we can avoid this most effectively if we don’t download anything similar from pirate sites, and try to get software, games, movies, and series from official sources. Of course, torrenting can be “unavoidable” in some cases, so I always recommend using a suitable antivirus, VPN or effective enough firewall, and it often doesn’t hurt to do an initial scan either.

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