This year’s race calendar has been reduced to 22 races!

Formula 1 is official announceThat instead of the 23 races originally planned, there will only be 22 laps in this year’s race calendar.

The races missed due to the virus situation have drastically altered the original plans, but nothing has changed until the Russian Grand Prix, that is, after the Belgian-Dutch-Italian triathlon weekend, which will follow the Russian race, according to the original dates.

The next Turkish Grand Prix was postponed a week later, and the competition day was pushed back from October 3 to October 10. The US Grand Prix will remain on October 24, while the Mexican and Brazilian Grand Prix will be postponed by a week to November 7-14. There will also be a race the following weekend, but where it will be held has yet to be confirmed. The season ends as planned, with the first-ever Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.

The Outstanding Japanese Grand Prix So they have been replaced by almost nothing, and the replacement has not been revealed to Australia.

Here is the modified race calendar:

Sep 05-03 Dutch Grand Prix
From 10 to 12 September Italian Grand Prix
24-26 September Belgian Grand Prix
October 08-10 Turkish Grand Prix
October 22-24
05-07 November Mexican Grand Prix
12-14 November Brazilian Grand Prix
November 19-21 TBC
03-05 December
December 10-12

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