This year, we're definitely not going to be racing Gran Turismo 7 anymore

This year, we’re definitely not going to be racing Gran Turismo 7 anymore


The PlayStation 5 car simulator glides over significantly.

02/23/2021 17:24 | Jerig | Category: Game

It was announced last summer before SonyThat of course the PlayStation 5 is also prepared for Gran Turismo on request, just fine Gran Turismo 7. However, the advertisement has not yet made its debut, but in particular, not much information about the game has been followed.

Until now, we cannot report newsgroups opening. But about the fact that, like many other games, its release has been significantly delayed. this is Jim Ryan Announced in the same GQ interview in which he also mentioned Days Gone on PC.

According to him, the development of Gran Turismo 7 has been severely affected by the Coronavirus epidemic, so the project is simply not where it should be. Ultimately, they decided that although they originally wanted to put government in players’ hands early in 2021, the GT7 would in no way appear before 2022. ■

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Gran Turismo 7
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