This year too, Netflix will be boosting with loads of great Christmas movies - let's show them!

This year too, Netflix will be boosting with loads of great Christmas movies – let’s show them!

September is actually almost winter, so luckily you can start the countdown to Christmas. (Needless to say, we spent the rest of the day…) And just as you can get holiday decorations and Christmas candy in stores this October, Netflix It will also begin to tune in to its subscribers in the thousands by December in the fall months. Broadcasting provider has become newer and newer Christmas movies It adds it to its library and there are no exceptions this year. We already know 4 of the holiday ruins that will debut on the platform in 2021. We can’t show you any previews yet, but we’re looking forward to the latest story-based romantic comedies.

hold dear

In Netflix’s latest Christmas ruin com, you can finally meet Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev on screen after a two-year hiatus. This time, she will be playing the role of LA girl Natalie Power who gets to know the man of her dreams through a date, so she decides to travel to her home in her hometown for Christmas and surprise her. But in the end, it will be he who is shocked, because unfortunately he must realize that he has fallen victim to cat hunting. Mr. Cheating Great You promised to reunite her with her childhood love if Natalie pretended to be her friend during the holidays. Love Hard will arrive on November 5 for the streaming provider’s show.

Christmas castle

If you thought Netflix wreaked that much havoc on you this year, you’re wrong! At the heart of Castle For Christmas is a wealthy, castle-like American writer (yes, it does well!) in Scotland. The only problem is that the Prince of Scotland doesn’t really want to sell it to a foreign buyer… The date of the show isn’t known yet, but you’ll see Brooke Childust and Carrie Eloist in the main roles.

Christmas Exchange 2. (Image: Netflix)

Princess key 3

It looks like there won’t be any more Christmas without Vanessa Hudgens, as the actress is still continuing her Christmas story. The third counterpart, Fiona, who learned in the second part, will appear again, but this time he will not ally against Margaret and Stacey, but will help them recover stolen relics of inestimable value. Of course, we’re not at all sure we need this movie, but it will bring the Christmas vibe to Totera and be the perfect addition to the festive bejglycoma.

one all the way

There was one man, Peter (Michael Urey), who was tired of his family constantly making notes that he hadn’t yet committed to. That’s why he asks his best friend, Nick (Philemon Chambers), to spoil his vacation buddy. But he has no idea that his mother, meanwhile, has also arranged for him a blind date with his sexy coach, James (Luke MacFarlane). In My Ruin, Jennifer Robertson, better known from Jenny and Georgie, and Dr. Flake star Jennifer Coolidge will also appear.

Can’t get to the rubble?

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