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This year, Szolnok could earn about 40 billion HUF

This year, Szolnok could earn about 40 billion HUF

Before the thematic part of the association, Eva Boca, who had long broken away from the Zolnok pluralism, expressed sharp criticism of the urban politicization of the opposition side, which, according to her, served not the interests of the local population, but the interests of their own individuals. political ambitions. He particularly resented László Miskolczi, who recently joined Momentum from the Democratic Coalition, because in his opinion, the deputy mayor-turned-actor former opposition partner is uploading lies about him on the social networking site.

Josef Ligeti, who is related to the matter, Mescolchi lied with noble simplicity in front of those present at the general meeting, because he considered it an insult with legal consequences that the former vice-mayor accused him and Boca on the web of having paid them from Fides. Of the two independent MPs, longtime Joseph Ligeti and Eva Bucca permanently distanced themselves from the opposition group along with Sykes at this board meeting.

Independent MP Eva Buca spoke out against the politicization of the opposition town fathers at the General Assembly
Source: Presenter / Ádám Molnár

Subsequently, the General Assembly decided on the proposal of the individual representative submitted to the Council by István Füle, the mayor of DK. The politician proposed an amendment to the 2023 budget proposal. According to him, the business tax revenue of HUF 7.3 billion planned in the budget for this year should be increased by HUF 400 million to compensate for part of the expected increase in expenditures caused by inflation.

Deputy Mayor Andor Weger presented Szolnok’s 2023 budget. The short oral presentation emphasized caution and frugality. Opposition representatives who commented considered that the resources to be used to operate each sector were disproportionate. Jobbik’s Gábor Berényi considered the city’s funding for local sports to be unfairly large, so he would direct a large portion of it to city operations. István Füle will spend more on public transport, which is considered to be in crisis, and Deputy Mayor Mihály Györfi will spend more on the social sphere, primarily on municipal rental housing development.

“From what,” asked Mayor Ferenc Szalay. In his speech, the city manager advocated physical education in urban schools, student sports, team sports, and competitive sports, emphasizing residents’ needs for a healthy lifestyle independent of age groups and meaningful community experiences. However, the most surprising contribution to the budget proposal debate was made by two students from Szolnok. Csongor Kiss, a graduate of Varga Katalin High School, and Lóránd Tóth, a first-year student of Ferenc Verseghy High School (both are members of the Szolnok City Student Council and have the right to comment in the General Assembly) explain sternly and maturely, on behalf of their schoolmates In Szolnok, active movement at their age has an important role in their later life development. Daily physical education and sports are a source of happiness for them, and the results achieved in certain competitions increase the number of admission points for successful further education. They have asked the board of directors to think of healthy young people, even their children, when they want to reduce the amounts that will be spent on sports in the city.

The council then voted on this year’s budget, which puts the total amount of the budget at around HUF 40 billion. The General Assembly finally approved the proposal by majority.

The proposal regarding measures regarding Szolnok Televízió Zrt also caused a small scandal in the council. Recently, the Media Services Management and Support Fund (MTVA) terminated the availability contract with SZTV. The city will change the television budget to about HUF 143 million, instead of the approximately HUF 162 million planned for 2023. According to the project, the TV station must also shift its workforce in line with the changed tasks.

“Today I am the thorn under my nail,” Gabor Perini began the wave of indignation with his speech. According to Jobbik’s representative, the management of SZTV Zrt is carrying out a political purge by firing employees as well as drastically reducing funding. asked Dávid Pető, Director of Szolnok Tv Zrt. , resolutely a statement of political confrontation on behalf of himself and his colleagues.

He explained that the TV had to let go of four of his full-time colleagues because this year’s reduced budget forced the TV management to do so.

Deputy Mayor Mihaly Gjorvi explained to Dávid Pető that he was never invited to the studio last year due to city policy problems. For this, Mayor Ferenc Szalay, as well as the city fathers of Fidesz Ivan Molnar and Zoltan Tsnady, remind the opposition that after the municipal elections of 2019, the majority of Szolnok infamously removed Attila Bojani from the head of the TV, and in his place Josef Toth, who for a long time, Ferenc did not allow the mayor appearing on television. The motion was also finally accepted by the General Assembly with a majority of yes.

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The council unanimously supported the modernization of the building and equipment of the Kacsa t Kindergarten in Plitkavalo, built in the 1950s out of brick, at a cost of nearly four hundred million forints, while the construction of the former András t Hegids School and College near Baross út and Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út has special educational needs, and it will be rebuilt into a modern private nursery for children, at a cost of HUF 1.44 billion. Both projects are fully funded by the state.

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