This will look cool, a historical battle awaits galactic girls

This will look cool, a historical battle awaits galactic girls

In April 2019, for the first time in its history, the Hungarian women’s national team won the World Hockey Championship in the first division and moved to the first group, among the top ten teams in the world. As of tomorrow, our team can prove it in the home of hockey, Canada.

Fanpar Gasparics (in red) and his buddies step on the ice at the Elite World Cup Photo: National Sports

Target 5-8. place

Chemical engineer Fanni Gasparics, one of the best fights of the Hungarian team, believes that they have a chance to reach the quarter-finals.

“The Czechs are the strongest in our group of five, we have a match between the Danes and the Japanese, and we have confidence that we beat Germany in the past,” Mac Hockey Company told Metropol. – Practically anyone from the other branch can come, and the United States, Canada, Finland, the Russian national team and Switzerland are also serious players.

There are no dropouts

The World Cup starts in Calgary tomorrow. The Hungarians will open the tournament against the Germans on Saturday from eight in the evening CET, and they will meet with the Czech Republic, Japan and Denmark, respectively. The top three of the five teams will qualify for the quarter-finals, and the finals will be played on August 31. With the lower division tournaments canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, there will be no elite dropouts this year, meaning the Hungarians will be able to play in the world’s top ten national teams next year as well.

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Twenty years in the elite

In 1997, the Hungarian hockey team played the first match in its history. The following year he was in the Hungarian Puppy Championship and in 1999 he entered the ice for the first time in an international event. The band 1’s victory for the band two years ago means they have reached the elite in twenty years, among the best bands in the world, an hourly achievement. The Hungarian national team is led by the captain of the Canadian Federation, Lisa Haley previously worked alongside her country’s national team.

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