Ez lesz a Netflix következő játéka, még Steamre is jön bevezetőkép

This will be the next Netflix game, even on Steam

Hotline Miami-style retro shooting based on KATE could be the best game on Netflix yet.

Netflix Gaming did not come to play. The streaming giant’s new suite has taken off in earnest, spanning everything from mobile platforms to virtual reality. Their latest project is a roguelike computer game linked to the Kate movie.

Our protagonist was poisoned 24 hours to avenge the perpetrators. The clock is turning, the opponents are coming, and our task will be to slaughter as many of them as possible.

Armed action will also be aided by special perks and abilities, but it’s essentially a similar lineup to the Miami hotline. The visual aspect of the game relies heavily on the modern classic visual world, which is especially good for it anyway.

Interestingly enough, KATE: COLLATERAL DAMAGE will be released on Steam on October 22nd, and not through the Netflix client itself. We’re happy about that, but Netflix Gaming’s long-term plans are getting more and more confusing.

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