The second version of Android 13 has appeared with a useful innovation

This will be the new “Easter egg” in Android 13

Every year, Google hides a small and interesting extra element in the latest version of Android. This is known as “Easter Egg”, or in Hungarian “húsvéti tojás”, and now the hidden surprise in Android 13 has finally been revealed.

The third beta version of Android 13 was released earlier this month, but it still lacks the Easter egg, which is usually only added to the system later. However, a fix package (the third for this beta, by the way) was recently released, given the number 3.3, and in addition to some bug fixes, it also brought the usual surprise from Google.

The Easter egg in Android 13 combines last year’s version with emojis. If you open it, bubbles matching the colors of the current theme will appear, then transform into different emoji after a long touch.

If you are running the latest Android 13 Beta 3.3, you can check the Easter Egg for yourself. simply go to Settings > Phone numberl menu, then tap the Android version number several times until you see the clock.

Set the two indicators so that they appear 1 hour (13:00), after which bubbles will appear immediately. After that, you have to touch one of them for a long time.


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