This will be the first Subaru to miss the Boxer Drive

This will be the first Subaru to miss the Boxer Drive

The Japanese brand gave a taste of their first electric car, which they called the Solterra.

The name “Solterra” was created by combining the Latin words “Sol” and “Terra”, the former meaning the sun and the latter the Earth.Source: Subaru

The low and mid-wheel drive SUV, available from mid-2022, is the Toyota bZ4X was revealed in April It will be its sister model, as the two companies will jointly develop not only their sports cars but also their electric cars to keep costs down.

This will be the Toyota bZ4X, the sister model to SolterraSource: Toyota

Solterra is the first Subaru vehicle to be built on the e-Subaru Global Platform (Toyota: e-TNGA) floorplate, developed entirely for electric vehicles. The advanced “skateboard” platform enables efficient production of electric cars of various sizes by combining many units and components such as the front, center and rear of the car. Toyota announced that it will build at least 6 models on it, so Subaru is unlikely to be satisfied with either. It is unclear whether new solid-state batteries developed by Toyota will be included in the bZ4X and Solterra, but there is a good chance that it will.

Source: Subaru

Not only the platform, but also the Forester-sized electric entertainment vehicle is a joint development between Subaru and Toyota, and the extensive collaboration includes product design, design and performance appraisal. In this development, the two companies combined their strengths, for example Subaru’s expertise in four-wheel drive and Toyota’s battery and driving technology.

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