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This way your apartment can look bigger

This way your apartment can look bigger

Anyone who lives in a small apartment faces an eternal problem: there is never enough space. Free space is definitely necessary, as new furniture and furnishings are always being added to the apartment, which once again take up space. But how can we get a little more space in our apartment, or at least visually make our interior larger?

Small apartments also have advantages, because the less space we have, the less unnecessary things we buy are supposed to be, and therefore we can easily avoid piling up or collecting different things. With practical thinking and smart advance planning, you can create a friendly and homely place from even a small living space.

Last but not least, when choosing a small apartment, it is easier to keep it clean, it requires less cleaning than a large one, and with smartly furnished appliances, we can reduce our overhead costs.

Since our furniture is concentrated in a much smaller space, it is much easier to aesthetically equip our corner with decorations, since we have a better view of the space. By using smaller decorative items (such as candles, pictures, pillows, and small flowers), we can increase our sense of comfort in a small apartment more than in huge, unwieldy spaces, where you have to put something everywhere so that it doesn’t happen. I don’t feel empty. It does not have to be an option here, as we can safely leave a little corner or shelf more airy; It will look more aesthetic. (We wrote about which interior design trends to neglect in this article.)

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Here are 8 tips to make your apartment look bigger

1. Choose light, more natural colors for your walls: they visually increase the space, and you can use them to create a joyful atmosphere in your apartment. Regardless, you can choose a different color and wallpaper for each room, but be careful not to use the same pattern everywhere, as it compresses the space. The shape of the chosen wallpaper should be large, so you can achieve spatial expansion.

2. Place mirrors in the living room or kitchen or choose a mirror cabinet in your bedroom: you can use them to expand the space as well. Mirrors are also a good solution because they reflect natural light, making the interior brighter.

A small space requires a large mirror (Image: Getty Images)

3. Do not stand in the way of light: Try to choose curtains that allow light to pass through better, and get rid of bulky and heavy shades that not only reflect incoming light, but also take up a lot of space.

4. You should choose the built-in furniture: you should build it completely, up to the ceiling, because in this way you get more space, but you use less furniture.

5. Place the furniture next to the wall: try to place it at or below eye level, as it visually expands the space.

6. Choose sliding doors instead of traditional doors: This will naturally save you more space, but if you still choose the classic type, place them in a way that does not open inwards, because you can put less furniture in each room and everything will look crowded.

7. If you are a photo lover: buy only one picture for the wall, and make sure it is large, not several small pictures together.

8. Add as many vertical lines and ornaments as possible: they lead the eye up and down, making the room appear taller than it otherwise would be.

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