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This way you can play almost any game the day before it’s released

This way you can play almost any game the day before it’s released

You can beat the system with a simple trick – but not all of them.

Publishers and developers try to announce weeks in advance so that we can prepare to wait for their novelties, allocate money, entice them online, decide to pre-order, providing useful information for them, they know approximately what kind of popularity they can expect at the start.

The final hours are always the hardest: this is when we can usually read reviews of the games we are most looking forward to, and if journalists and videographers have a positive opinion of them, it will be a harder task to remain patient.

For PC and PlayStation users, the only option is to wait, but those with Xbox can use a very simple trick to cheat the system and start playing half a day before release – provided conditions are right.

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This is because Microsoft consoles don’t accurately check if we’re already in the region we’ve set, so when release day first comes somewhere in the world (this happens in the GMT+13 timezone used by New Zealand and Australia), the ban is lifted, as we can As gamers start playing exactly 12 hours early, it’s like we’ve been waiting patiently – even if we’ve purchased the particular game digitally.

You can change the region as follows:

  1. Open Settings on your Xbox
  2. The System In the list, select a Language and location Chance.
  3. The Site In the drop-down menu, scroll down to New Zealand (if you’re using the Hungarian-language console, you’ll find it at the bottom) and select it.
  4. Click it Restart now button.

There are games that are open everywhere in the world at the same time: for example, Elden Ring, whose release date is February 25, 1:00 am Hungarian time, regardless of region, while Grid Legends, which is also officially available from that time, It can be played with this trick from February 24th.

Is this dangerous?

It’s important that when the clock strikes midnight, reset the region, because as long as you’re officially in New Zealand, you’ll still see New Zealand prices in the Microsoft Store, and in online games the Xbox tries to connect to servers there, and it’s far from ideal from thousands of kilometers away. .

The same is not serious, for example, the Xbox ANZ account had fun when suddenly a lot of people “moved to New Zealand” to be among the first to play Forza Horizon 5.

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