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This was the wedding of Sabina Tabai and Gabor Koksera.

This was the wedding of Sabina Tabai and Gabor Koksera.

They are together again, and their relationship is so strong that they feel there is no doubt about their union and eternal happiness.

Last year, they were on the verge of breaking up, but now Szabina Tabai and Gabor Kuksera have confirmed their relationship. According to them, the turning point was initiated by Szabina in search of her peace. “Through my sister Andy, I entered a Christian community where I started to feel really good. I found good people, talked to a lot, and became cheerful and hopeful again. After a while, this change also piqued Gabby’s curiosity.” – He said in the latest issue of Best magazine. At first, Gabor had reservations, but when he finally left, all his prejudices immediately disappeared, he feels like he has been reborn, and in fact, he was baptized in front of his partner as a symbol of rebirth and transformation.
They found themselves talking to each other more and more, about deeper things, and gradually moved closer to each other, moving slowly and carefully. For example, they didn't tell the children for a long time because they wanted to be sure. “After Zabi and I felt it was going to work, we gathered the kids in the living room together to tell them the good news. It was such a joy to have mom and dad together again.” – Koshi says.

Now, they are absolutely sure that they will grow old together, there is no doubt in their minds, and they already know how to solve problems. “We already have the faith that will help us in everything.” Szabina explains. They have both changed a lot: Szabina receives such tenderness and care as never before, gives her partner space and does not want to solve everything alone. They form a unit, and they have also started a joint project, but they do not want to reveal details about this yet.
It was clear to them that they would seal it all by affirming their vows to each other. Previously, they had only had a civil wedding, but on May 1, they pledged their allegiance to each other in a Christian ceremony. “It’s no coincidence that for the past three years neither of us has filed for divorce, which was already ready anyway. God didn’t allow it. Love is fleeting, but what binds us is not. So it’s not love with Zabi, it’s much more than that.”

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