This was the third. Karoly’s visits to Hungary

Third. Karoli, the new British king, as heir to the throne, visited our country several times. Check out our collection and gallery of visits.

Third. Karolyi, the new king of Great Britain, took part in several official visits to Hungary.

Third. Charles, the new king of Great Britain.Source: Agence France-Presse / Victoria Jones

Hungary After Regime Change III. Carole visited Princess Diana from 7-10 May 1990. The Welsh Prince and the couple were the first to visit our country among the countries of the former socialist bloc, and it was a great honour. The royal party was greeted by Arpad Jonks, interim president of the republic, and his wife at Ferihegy Airport. Prime Minister-designate Josef Antal also met the couple on May 7 in the Parliament’s delegation hall. That evening, a dinner was held in their honor in Parliament House.

The next day, the royal couple visited the sights of Budapest. They also visited Fort Fisherman and the National Museum, then saw the Holy Crown and went on a sightseeing tram ride on Tram Line 2. Later, Prince Karoly gave a lecture at the then University of Economics. During their stay in Hungary, they also visited Bugac and Kecskemét.

Between April 27 and 28, 1994, Prince Karolyi visited Hungary for the second time. The heir to the British throne arrived at Freiji in the late afternoon of April 27, then immediately went to Parliament, and there, in the meeting room of the former Senate, addressed the Forum Business Leaders, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Economic Transformation: The Role of Corporate Goodwill. In Central and Eastern Europe, at the closing session of the meeting. After that, he dined with the President of the Republic, Arpad Goncz.

On May 7, 1990, a meeting between Prime Minister-designate Josef Antal and heir to the British throne Prince Karolyi, who was in Hungary on an official visit, in the delegates hall of Parliament. (Clicking on the image opens a gallery!)Source: MTI / Lajos Soós

The next day, Prince Karolyi inaugurated a new machine in Révai Nyomda, owned by the London printing company Watmough Holdings, on which newspapers, including Magyar Hírlap, were printed. After that, he visited Prime Minister Peter Burrows in Parliament, and then attended the reception of the British Embassy in Budapest. He then traveled to Kecskemét, where he opened an incubator with Árpád Göncz. After giving speeches, he visited the reformed church in Kecskemét, then walked across the main square to Cifrapalota to spend his lunch. At about three o’clock in the morning of April 28, he returned to Great Britain from the military airfield at Kiskemet.

Prince Karolyi then visited Hungary in 2000. He then visited Hungary again in 2010 at the invitation of President Laszlo Solium between March 17-20, accompanied by his wife Camilla. The Prince and Princess first met Laszlo Solium in Hungary, and then had a meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Bagnai. Afterwards, they visited the countryside to see Hungarian landscape architecture and cultural heritage.

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