This was the first letter from Meghan Markle to Harry

Thanks to the Netflix documentary and Prince Harry’s memoir, we now know exactly how the couple met at the time. However, there are still new details about the fall of the veil, for example what was revealed in the first message: Meghan Markle Sent to the prince.

They found each other on Instagram

As is known, Harry and Meghan Markle met via Instagram in 2016. And, of course, many people asked the question, how is this possible, because according to official information, the prince did not have a page on social networks, as it turned out later, he registered on the platform, only incognito. Thinking about it too late, he did the right thing, otherwise he might not have found the video in which he saw his future wife for the first time. Harry was scrolling through his Instagram when he saw a video of one of his friends showing Meghan with a dog filter on her face. Prince Harry wanted to know who was in the registry, so he asked his friend for help, then emailed Meghan saying a friend of his wanted to meet him.

I asked who it was. He said: Well, Amir. I asked him who he is, can I see his posts?

– said Megan in the documentary, who says that it is not what people say about a person that matters, but what they post about themselves, at least this is the best way to assess who you are dealing with.

This is what he wrote to Harry

Meghan then checked out Harry on the social media site, and really liked what she saw, so she sent the Prince a message, simply writing:

Hello! Nice pictures

By the way, the Duke of Sussex’s Instagram page was full of photos taken during his trips to Africa, and these photos impressed Meghan. In one of the photos – which really stuck in Meghan’s memory – Harry was tending to an injured rhinoceros.

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Prince Harry takes care of an injured unicorn / Netflix


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