This was Gabby Toth's performance in front of the papal mass

This was Gabby Toth’s performance in front of the papal mass

Gabe Toth’s scandalous eruption became a star Saturday night! On TV2, but the singer is almost Sunday morning. Of the three-quarters of the ten he sang in Heroes’ Square, entertaining the crowd waiting for Pope Francis’ Mass. Then the 33-year-old famous media personality sang Csaba Pindroch He told a story about his life to the believers. The show was also broadcast live on YouTube, where nearly 500 viewers watched the events.

Gaby Tooth He began his performance with the song Oh Come, Emmanuel, then sang several popular songs of a religious nature, as well as his own song, My Heart. At the end of his performance, he walked off the stage and hugged 2-3 people standing in the front row of the audience. The photo below shows the singer on the right side of the photo.

Gabi Tóth wore a Sugarbird dress on the show, and we’ve written more about this here. Aurora Folklamourcomes from. In this regard, the singer wrote the following in advance Instagram story:

“It will adorn me and protect me in my performance before the papal mass. I really need it, especially after the last few weeks.”

Gabby Toth followed the performance of Sing about Victory Kovacs checks in sync. Gabby Toth’s performance is not yet available in a separate video, but the singer previously gave the following interview at the International Eucharistic Congress.


Below is one of the first videos of the movement on YouTube, with a two-minute snippet.

(Featured image: Photo: Márton Merész)

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