Ez a figyelmeztetőtábla nem vicc, bármennyire is annak tűnik

This warning sign isn’t a joke, but it may sound

In Jasper National Park, Canada, a warning posted in the image above assures motorists that deer are not allowed to lick their car.

Why do a moose lick a car? The question that arises rightly …

In the national park, we have been able to increase moose populations in recent years – mainly due to depletion of overgrown wolf numbers – as more motorists encounter deer along the roads. Moose love road salt and have found that they get endless amounts of this delicacy in cars. Motorists think it is fun to do, and many people allow animals to lick their cars, which is often videotaped as well.

The problem with this is that the animals get used to it, luring it near the road where it is in danger of wading.

By the way, in the Jasper National Park area, there is a heavy penalty for feeding animals, if someone gets caught they can be fined up to $ 25,000, which translates to 7.6 million fornts.

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