This virtual grand prize series will return this year with cash prizes and a competition for points

The virtual Grand Prix series, which will be held during the Formula 1 season, will return for three consecutive weekends.

Last year, instead of races that were postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a virtual “version” of them was staged in Codemasters’ official F1 game.

Last year, there was no official registration and championship, and this is also due to the fact that celebrities and representatives of other sports brands have started as well. In the end, the unofficial champ went to Goerge Russell.

Although the start of the season is only a week off this year and Bahrain will be the season opener instead of Australia, the series wants to take advantage of virtual GPs this year as well.

Based on the announcement of Formula 1, the races will take place on January 31, February 7, and February 14. And this year, a points competition will be officially announced, where teams can win cash prizes for charity.

The implementation process will also change. Last year there was a stage timer and 50% distance races, but this year there will also be sprint and major races. The five-lap sprint race will feature professional players, and the final score will determine the starting order for the 50% race, where we can already see familiar faces, where both current and former F1 riders will start.

Each team consists of two competitors and points will be awarded based on the final score of the main race. Based on the final result of the team tournament, the cash prizes that the teams will give to charity will be determined.

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