This victory was worth a team change!


Friday, September 24, 2021, 6:52 pm


Even after nearly two weeks, the Italian Grand Prix winner is very happy, and he is especially happy to be able to stand on top of the podium with another team after Red Bull.

While some have had better-than-expected seasons so far – just think of Max Verstappen, who reached the World Cup standings, or George Russell, who finally scored multiple times – others are struggling better. Daniel Ricciardo came to McLaren with big plans, but in the first half he was just looking for his old self.

At Monza, then, he seems to have found it, as he confidently completed the distance to win the race and also put McLaren back in the lead nine years later, as well as a double win through teammate Lando Norris. Everyone in the Woking Guard needed the unexpected success, but the Beekeeper in particular, as he struggled all season so far not to get into a negative spiral and his performance deteriorated further.

In Sochi, the smile on his face was still indelible, not even the question of whether he thought the winner Ricciardo was a thing of the past based on the past years and especially this year’s races. “I didn’t really think that way, even though I struggled this year or the past few years. I never wondered if it was like, was Monaco the last time for me?,” Ricciardo said at a press conference on Thursday, which was also attended by : “

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The last time he won with Red Bull was before Monza in Australia, in 2018, but he doesn’t feel his career has been any less successful since the team changeover. He had similar fond memories at Renault. “For example, when we came back to the podium with Renault last year, it was a serious goal, I was very happy and so was the team,” he recalls.

This McLaren success goes beyond that of course, but not just because it comes first. But because after Red Bull, he made it to the top with another stable colour, which is definitely another step in the pilot’s career. Where appropriate, it will even justify the correctness of your decisions. “Everything was worth it for Monza. It was nice to be standing there with another team. It takes pride in meeting other colors and, in addition to McLaren, it is clearly a special feeling. I love winning. It’s nice to win, so I’m glad you did it again.”

But how could he come in the next Sochi? Ricciardo would like to be left more calm now so he can enjoy the moment. “Come on, let it loosen up a bit! We’ll keep doing our best. Putting the win aside, I’ve been feeling better in the car over the past weekend and I’m excited to be able to race,” the Australian said with his usual glee.

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