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This tool teaches you how to walk correctly – PCW

This tool teaches you how to walk correctly – PCW

According to the manufacturer of Evolve MVMV, there is still room for improvement in walking, but the solution costs a few hundred dollars.

Everyone is familiar with the chart of human evolution, which shows that, starting with apes, our ancestors became more upright, until we reach the proudly bowed Homo sapiens. However, according to a technology company, it is time to rethink the famous character, as the next era of development is coming, in which the device that can be attached to the leg must also be installed on the ankles. The Evolve MVMV device unveiled on the occasion of CES 2024 promises nothing less than to teach us how to walk correctly, because according to the manufacturer, we still have something to hone our technique given by nature.

At first glance, the product, which could be considered a smart bracelet, measures and analyzes our gait or run with the help of a companion mobile app, monitoring factors such as the force of our feet hitting the ground or the amount of compression we wear. The resulting weight bearing. During the first configuration, the application associates the base score with the user and then provides advice on how to increase this value.

According to the manufacturer – which describes in detail on the product's official website that humans are “not ideally evolved” for walking – Evolve MVMT effectively supports weight loss diets, because by learning the correct walking technique, we can burn up to 36% more energy per unit. Step, and thanks to the optimal movement pattern, our posture will also improve. The ankle-mounted device is also suitable for traditional purposes such as counting steps and measuring calories burned.

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Evolve MVMNT is now available to order On the manufacturer's websiteBut for those who want to go the high road, a deeper pocket doesn't hurt either, with the company paying $500, or roughly. The company is asking HUF 172,000 for this product, which determines the prices of many smartwatches.

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