This system was developed to annoy motorists

With this solution, Ford will penalize those who do not pay their auto loans.

Ford has developed a very strange technology that annoys motorists, writes A Business interested. This method punishes those who borrowed to buy a car but do not repay it on time.

The patent process was launched in August 2021, but the invention was only announced last week.

The essence of the system is that a driver can be disqualified if he does not pay on time.

Ford is trying to use technology to offer a solution when non-paying owners are uncooperative and trying to block takeovers.

Bacharyn Senlacon/Getty Images

At first, the computer causes only minor inconveniences, disabling some convenience functions and making unpleasant sounds. If the owner does not settle the debt despite the notice, the car can disqualify the driver subject to certain precautions. This can only happen on weekends, so that the unavailability of the car does not hinder the work of the person concerned. The use of the vehicle can also be restricted, for example, a dummy fence can be set outside which no work is required.

If the owner still doesn’t pay, the car can drive itself to a spot where it can be towed. Moreover, the system can communicate with the lending institution.

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