This small Italian settlement has become the friendliest city in the world

In Puglia, we are met with openness and a welcoming spirit. has put together a list of the friendliest cities for 2023, based on its Travel Review award. With this, accommodation and transportation partners who offer an exceptionally pleasant experience to their guests and have an above average number of accommodations are rewarded with a flawless rating.

Accordingly, the friendliest settlements in the world are from Bari Not far away is the seaside town of Polignano a Mare, which attracts tourists with its beautiful cliffs and charming beaches.

Surrounded by natural beauty, temples, and waterfalls, the Taiwanese city of Hualien won the silver medal, and Spain went for the third place, famous for its beaches and delicious cuisine. San Sebastian operate.

Here are the top ten:

1. Polignano a Mare, Italy
2. Hualien City, Taiwan
3. San Sebastian, Spain
4. Dresden, Germany
5. Klaipeda, Lithuania
6. York, UK
7. Ushuaia, Argentina
8. Porto de Galinhas, Brazil
9. Mexico City, Mexico
10. Gold Coast, Australia

the List last year An Italian city also took first place, and if that’s inspiring enough to target Italy this year, This is how you can train Bank card friendly shoes.

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