Since joining the Volkswagen Group in the early 1990s, Skoda Auto has had an amazing run, and the brand, already the top manufacturer in the Eastern Bloc, has become synonymous with affordable quality worldwide.

In addition to the all-wheel drive cars that came out of the factories, this also required a special approach from Skoda: the cars received smart and practical accessories, and Czech specialists could wander into other areas.

We recently wrote about small Skoda cars that can be made even at home using a 3D printer, and now we can announce a product that is moving into a completely different area.

In fact, ŠKODA has introduced a new, own-brand coffee at its local factories in the Czech Republic: Moreover, the ingredients for the refreshing drink are obtained from completely sustainable sources.

Skoda is sure to shake everyone 1

Curiosity Fuel coffee is grown according to the guidelines of the Rainforest Alliance, which aims to protect tropical rainforests. In addition, coffee bean husks are also used, which become waste, and even Skoda customers will encounter them. Indirectly as a coloring agent for some of the leather upholstery in the Kodiaq and Octavia – similar to how some of the leather upholstery in the Superb is treated using by-products of olive oil pressing.

Coffee roasted by a family business in the city of Bezděčín will be delivered to the center in Mladá Boleslav and to other plants in the Czech Republic. By this summer, Curiosity Fuel will meet the needs of all local plants – about 25 tons per year.

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