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This site shows you what dinosaurs lived where we live

This site shows you what dinosaurs lived where we live

Would you like to know what dinosaurs roamed your garden millions of years ago? You don’t even need a time machine. On this fun interactive site you can see the Earth in 3D and see what the planet looked like up to 750 million years ago at important moments in history.

the ancient land The site, developed by Discord head Ian Webster, also lets you list any city or town and look at its location at a specific time, as well as nearby excavations, the site said. Futurism.

If you enter New York, for example, and travel back to 750 million years ago, the map takes you to the Cryogenic Epoch, when some scientists believe the planet was mostly covered by glaciers. The red dot indicates the relative position of the city, which was once located at the approximate center of the supercontinent Rodinia.

In the case of New York, for example, the site explains that fossils found in the area include a bipedal dinosaur from the Cretaceous called Grallator, and a winged giant from the Late Cretaceous called Pteranodon.

We can also “travel” to notable early events in the planet’s history, such as the appearance of the first green algae, the first insects, or the first dinosaurs.

In 2018, Webster developed the interactive globe for the Dinosaur Database, which is advertised as “the largest dinosaur database on the Internet.” He based this on a program called GPlates, which allows planetary plate tectonics to be manipulated over different timescales.

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“It’s amazing that geologists have collected enough data to map my home 750 million years ago,” Webster said when he first launched the site to the public.

In addition to the interactivity, it’s also amazing that the site conveys that we humans occupy an infinitesimal slice of the geological time line, which puts everything into a completely different perspective.

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