This Prince Harry has too blinded Princess Megan: she can also make sure they have to back off - World Star

This Prince Harry has too blinded Princess Megan: she can also make sure they have to back off – World Star

when Harry Herce And the Princess Megan In January 2020, they announced that they would step down from their senior positions in the royal family or become financially independent, as the British press immediately referred to their retirement as Megxit, made up of the words Megan and Exit. They completed their last official duties in March 2020, and have not represented the crown since then. They live in Montecito, California with their toddler, Archie, and their family will soon be expanding, expecting their little girl to be in early summer.

Their withdrawal was not scandalous, in fact the family members were very angry with Harry, Prince Charles had not picked up the phone for his son for a long time, and Prince William felt that his brother had let him down and the Queen. On the other hand, Elizabeth respected and accepted the decision of one of her favorite grandchildren and wife. Harry and Meghan’s life preoccupies fans to this day, so it’s no wonder Oprah Winfrey also invited them for an interview, well, their conversation also culminated in a major scandal with the princesses accusing a family member of racism. The Sixnek page What big mistake has made it so far, said Robert Jobson, one of the family’s biographers.

An expert on the royal family stated that the megastar disaster is mainly due to Prince Harry’s fault

Fans are divided about the prince and princess of Sussex, many consider them brave and think they are well-behaved to leave the monarchy, in addition to becoming freer and happier, which is the main point. On the other hand, others see their decision as a disaster, because at the time of their engagement, Markle had to be aware of what he was committed to, and not by chance, when he said yes in May 2018, and he not only married Harry but the royal family.

When they just got engaged, there was relatively positive news in the press about the election of the prince, as his half-brothers, Samantha Grant and Thomas Markle Jr had portrayed him in a negative light, claiming that he had excluded everyone from his life since. Harry met their father, too. Additionally, the scandalous behavior of his father, Thomas Markle, was tumultuous to the press. After their wedding, palace insiders unloaded the laundry, allegedly bombarding his subordinates with emails by 4am, and several people around it had quit.

There were also writings on Princess Catherine’s lament, Megan denied this in her Oprah interview, Thought it was the other way around. Moreover, this was the first moment in which he was so disappointed with the palace workers that the article had not yet been published to clarify his name. The princely party was also welcomed because Harry’s relationship with William had deteriorated, and they even moved from Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage. Since the relationship between the two siblings has always been so idyllic and close, Megan has been described as a scapegoat who managed to turn her husband against her family.

The numerous negative writings also had a negative effect on the state of mind of the princess, as several British newspapers were sued with Harry in the fall of 2019, and Megan admitted to tears in speaking during her trip to Africa that she was not feeling well. According to others, those two moments were a megsit breeze. But in Robert Jobson’s opinion, not everything should be erased by the former actress. Prince Harry also has a role in making megsett happen.

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“Both of them take responsibility for what happened, but mostly Harry would have made a giant because he didn’t explain it to Megan properly, because he would go if someone married into the royal family. Even though he wasn’t the smartest guy, he might not even want to Explaining things.It is difficult to be a factor in the royal family, of course people think the exact opposite, but they are not right. The expert, who has written books on many family members, such as William, Catherine, Diana, Charles and Harry, said that he is not as wizard as it may seem strange, Perhaps this is exactly what Megan did not like about this lifestyle, Philippines May 13th on store shelves in England.

Interestingly, Prince William Younger brother warnedIn order not to rush the wedding to Meghan, wait a bit instead and let the girl get used to the royal family a little more time. By the way, in their case, there is a great interest in the press here, which is not learned to deal with from minute to minute.

The Duke of Cambridge also basically auditioned Princess Catherine for years, and after eight years of walking he only asked for his hand. Through the mistake of his father and mother, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, he knew that it was better to be with his love for several years and experience whether they were a really good couple or a character strong enough to carry the load well after a short distance they would say yes indeed.

Of course, Jobson does not give Megan a complete pardon. In her opinion, the princess did not invest enough energy in her to integrate into the family, she would have been more interested in them.

It’s always up to the person doing their homework right before marrying a respectable family.

Jobson also indicated that Markle had been received by Samantha Cohen, a member of the Queen’s personal team, what she could and should not do as a princess, as she had taken over all of the existing protocol rules that apply to the British royal family. It is believed that Megan did not understand that the order of succession to the throne was so important in the royal family.

“When he saw that William and Catherine were the number one couple, he probably didn’t understand why.” The expert said he thought they could do it better, so he started announcing the royal family, well, that’s unacceptable, alluding to his profound condemnation of Harry and Meghan’s $ 25 million contract with Spotify, and agreed with Netflix.

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