It’s shocking, but it has the fastest Skoda in the world, and it’s not new, because this year it’s been 10 years since they set a time record. This, of course, required two conversions on the Octavia RS and transporting it from England to America to the dry salt bed of Bonneville Lake, where he set off from among the truly experienced to create the highest speed in the brand’s history.

On August 19, 2011, it reached a top speed of 366 km/h on smooth, salt-covered ground. This required a lot of modifications to the car and the safety equipment was only a very small part of it. After tuning, it became almost three times more powerful than the produced car.

The Octavia RS’s 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine was replaced by a large Garrett engine, and he got a large supercharged air cooler with water injection, stronger engine mounting brackets, a more powerful injector and a water cooler, but also used a specialized racing oil. With the rewritten console and the above components, the end result is 600 horsepower, which you can deliver through a Superb Greenline gearbox and a self-locking differential on the front wheels.

This is the fastest Skoda 2 in 10 years

This is the fastest Skoda 3 in 10 years

They planted the car down 80mm and got special 15-inch rims with full wheel rims and thin Goodyear Eagle Dragway Special tires. The car has now been refurbished by British engineers at ŠKODA to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the speed record-setting and the 20th anniversary of the first vRS model sold in England.

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This is the fastest Skoda 4 in 10 years

Instead of rims and specialty tires, they were fitted with traditional street sport tires to run the modified RS on a festively tilted oval track.