This nonsense dragged athletics into the mud

Members of the Diack clan and their accomplices, of course, called snakes and toads the World Anti-Doping Agency, which, fulfilling its mission, denied all their crimes and began litigation. The case has now been decided by the French Supreme Court, as it should be. The accused offenders lost, and were also fined more than €200,000.

The father died, the son fled, and his property was frozen

– This time, it was not a question of doping or sports law, not even a case in which the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) had to take a stand, but a criminal case with serious consequences that was brought before the courts and reached by the French Supreme Court based in Paris – He commented that the news was made public For the SzPress news service by d. gnes Tiszeker, head of the Hungarian Antidoping Group, adding that WADA in this case did not participate in the lawsuit as a decision-maker, but as a customer.

– Lamine Diack could not be questioned because he has not been among the living since December 2021. His son, Papa Massata Diack, is not under arrest because he fled to Senegal, his country, from which there is no extradition. He cannot leave the country, and all of his assets have been frozen anyway. A large-scale international legal trial finally ended in Paris; The World Anti-Doping Agency is also pleased with this outcome, as it was a very long and difficult process. My opinion is that if all the “criminals” immediately pleaded guilty, such cases would be closed quickly, but, unfortunately, this is not the norm in the world, including in Hungary. The early years are usually spent strenuously denying and discrediting the anti-doping system, but in the end the truth still prevails. I’m glad to read that Witold Banka, President of WADA, visited Hungary recently It is also believed that clean sport won in Paris. The head of the organization also stated that in 2015 it was the information that WADA shared with the relevant authorities that helped hold the offenders to account – the Hungarian expert, who made a presentation to the senior representatives of Hungarian swimming on Saturday, and called on the participants’ interest in strict compliance with the regulations, emphasized, As well as the fact that the efficiency of inspections and analysis is at a higher level every year.

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