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This mysterious optical phenomenon also preceded the devastating Moroccan earthquake

This mysterious optical phenomenon also preceded the devastating Moroccan earthquake

On Friday, September 8, around 11:00 pm local time, an earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale was recorded in Morocco, with its epicenter more than 70 kilometers from the capital. The largest earthquake since 1960 was preceded by a strange light show. The ancient Greeks reported a similar mysterious light phenomenon before the earthquake.

Scientific public life Still confused Before those optical phenomena that were recorded hundreds of years ago. There are different theories Possible causes of the strange light phenomenon, but there is still no scientific consensus.

As EQL, that is They are referred to as earthquake lights The vision appears in different colors and shapes, according to experts, usually immediately before or accompanying seismic movements. Even the ancient Greeks reported such things from ancient times, Last week’s incident in Morocco Among the major earthquakes before peru destroyer 2007 pisco, And the Sichuan shook China in 2008 Even before the earthquake.

The EQL light phenomenon is often reminiscent of the aurora borealisOwen Humphreys – PA Images / Getty Images Hungary

John Deere is a geophysicista former USGS employee and author of several scientific papers on the subject, in 2019 Encyclopedia of Solid Earth GeophysicsPublished that these still mysterious optical phenomena are sometimes Famous for the Northern Lights reminder And other times like lightning, but whatever Glowing ball shape They can also kill.

More than 300,000 people are now homeless in Morocco

More than 300,000 people are now homeless in MoroccoKarl Kurt/Getty Images Hungary

Al-Baheth, 2014, a Seismic Research Letters For his study published in the magazine with his colleagues 65 European and American earthquakes Completely available data Back to 1600 An examination showed that

  • Cases by 80% According to the Richter scale Greater than size 5.0 Before or during earthquakes, or
  • From the epicenter 600 km He was experienced in the area The EQL phenomenon is similar.

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