This may be the biggest new feature in iOS 17

A massive leak reveals the next generation of the operating system that powers the iPhone.

Unlike the iPhone 15, the unveiling of iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 does not have to wait long, because every year Apple presents presentations of its operating systems at the WWDC Developers Conference, which this year It starts on June 5th With the ceremonial opening held at the Cupertino Center.

Of course the most interest surrounds iOS iPhones, affecting most people due to the amount of compatible devices in circulation, and now it’s been revealed in advance what Apple has in store for them.

on Twitter Summary appearedAnalyst 941, who meticulously predicted last year, noted some details of the Dynamic Island sensor that debuted in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. So the leaker has proven himself once, and this time he is predicting the following things about iOS 17:

  • The operating system will support the same devices as iOS 16 (iPhone 8 and later). iPadOS 17 may even support A9 Fusion / A10 Fusion chips, but the manufacturer will decide on that later.
  • iOS 17 will focus primarily on stability, efficiency, performance, and long-term support for older devices.
  • The first weeks of the beta, which is expected to debut in the summer, may take its toll on older iPhones, but the system will get a lot better over time.
  • The Control Center UI is undergoing serious changes, and we’re getting new options for customizing it.
  • The island’s dynamic sensors island will be capable of “a lot more” than the current model, as this year it will receive the base models (iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus) as well, and marketers are pressing engineers to make more bang out of it.
  • The always-on display, notifications and settings menu are generally enriched with more setting options.
  • The range of accessibility features is also expanding, providing “total control” of the interface and layout for seniors and children.
  • CarKey and Wallet are subject to unspecified improvements.
  • The camera app is changed at several points, but it may only happen on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models.
  • The search/spotlight function is undergoing serious improvements.
  • Apple may also test widgets with active and interactive buttons, but this has not been confirmed yet.
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In addition to the above, it is also worth talking about my leak claimant separately. In response to a commenter analyst941 wroteAs far as he knows, iOS 17 will support sideloading in the European Union, that is, installing applications from outside the App Store, which will be a big change in the history of the closed platform. The move would be in line with stricter EU regulations, which As another leaker, Mark Gurman, wrote in December:but he dated the sideloading entry to 2024.

Finally, it’s worth noting that according to analyst 941, the tactile buttons will replace the physical volume control buttons and mute switch on the iPhone 15 Pro models, which is interesting because two veteran analysts, Ming-Chi Kuo and Jeff Pu, recently claimed the opposite. .

Be that as it may, if analyst941 is not mistaken, iOS 17 may be a complete package and may have more surprises in store, according to a March report by Mark Gurman, Apple specifically plans to fill it with features that users have been missing for a long time.

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