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This man lived like a mole for 40 years: and for a long time no one knew why he did it – Terrace

This man lived like a mole for 40 years: and for a long time no one knew why he did it – Terrace

A Sicilian man named Baldassare Forestiere started digging on his property in California and built something quite surprising at the end of his work.

The story begins in 1905, and an enthusiastic man moved to the United States with the aim of growing citrus fruits there.

Underground house

He purchased a total of 28 acres of land in the San Joaquin Valley with the hope that the soil would be fertile enough to support citrus fruits. But after his first attempts, he was struck by the harsh reality that the hard soil was definitely not suitable for farming.

Photo: Buyenlarge / Getty Images Hungary

He did not give up, and dug like a mole with a shovel and hoe until he found fertile soil 6 meters deep. But until now, he had problems not only with the soil, but also with the incredible heat prevailing in the area.

He decided to dig a small room for himself underground to hide from the hot sun. But once he realized how comfortable he was in his new underground life and his ability to grow citrus, he spent the next forty years building his bizarre underground empire.

Getty Images-564087541

He managed it until he created a total of 50 rooms, rooms, rivers and farms on an area of ​​4 hectares, and experimented with underground farming. He built himself a kitchen with a wood-burning oven and ice cupboard, a dining room, separate winter and summer bedrooms, an underground fish pond and a garage for his guests’ cars. This life worked for him so much that he created an aquarium three stories high. He made the mortar, concrete and bricks used in its construction himself.

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Surprisingly, although he had no architectural training, he was inspired by the catacombs of Rome to create arched buttresses that remain in place to this day. He cooled his rooms with the help of cone-shaped vents, earned his living by growing fruit, and even managed to grow grapes.

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He planned to open an underground resort, but died before it was completed. His brother and family seized his inheritance, which can now be visited by anyone, and Forestier Underground Gardens He has a name.

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The man living in the forest knew very well the feeling of loneliness, but he had never felt bad about it.

(Photo source: Getty Images Hungary.)

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